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Ferris Wheel takes second place.

09 December, 2013


I'm pleased to announce that my story Ferris Wheel took second place in the Lush Stories "Put a Spin on It" competition. The contest was sponsored by LELO in order to promote their new line of toys for couples.


It was a difficult theme to work. I chose to incorporate the symbolism of the abandoned Ferris wheel from the point of view of four characters. Lots and lots of sex in this one!


Many thanks to Nicola and the crack team of Lush judges for the honor!

Orange Moon takes first place!!!

09 September, 2013


It's a pleasure to announce that Orange Moon took top honors in the Lush Stories "Autumn Equinox" competition.


I struggled to find the right vehicle to deliver the rich autumn images in my head. I decided to go with a group sex story, sending two married couples off on a weekend trip they'll never forget. I added an interracial element to highlight the theme of dark and light that runs through traditional Mabon ceremonies.

Roger takes second place.

12 April, 2013


My first comedic effort took second place in the Lush Stories "Humor Month" competition.


Writing something that will make readers laugh is the greatest challenge I've yet to face. Having to make it hot and steamy (it IS a sex story, after all) made it all the more fun to write.


Not knowing what kind of humor would have the broadest appeal, I created a clueless playboy and incorporated both situational and physical humor. I had the most fun writing the fast moving, cutting interior dialogue.

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